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Lomidhigh Mixtape 006 Raymundo Mendoza

I don´t quite remember when I first got in contact with Raymundo, somehow I think it was before I started the Lomidhigh label up in 2006. We began writing back and forth on the mnml.nl website and later started chatting on a regular basis, thru the chats I got to hear a lot of his music which I´ve always been really fond of. Despite me liking his music it´s so far only let to a single track release which was his dubby release "Most Current State of 3 Minutes" which was released on the "Organic City comp." on Lomidhigh Organic last summer.

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 006

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Raymundo, how are you keeping - tell us about the mix..

I am doing good actually. I been on this kick of simplifying my life.

The mix is me trying to get across this feeling that things are great without the need of all this extra stuff. It does not have to be perfect, it just has to be honest.

Favourite track in the mix?

I love all the tracks equally, but if Im gonna talk about any track I would say "Mocco" by Alex Kid is my favourite track. It's a track you would not expect from him, and things like that I find special.

Where did you record the mix?

I recorded it in my little studio with a noisy crossfader. Im rather fond of the crackles now.

How is the techno scene in texas?

Well I can only really speak about El Paso Texas. It's the furthest west you can get and still call yourself a Texan. I think the techno scene here is pretty good actually. There are these promoters from Juarez Mexico called Pastilla Digital and they been constantly bringing in great talent. They recently started doing shows in El Paso. Juarez Mexico as you may or may not have heard has been hit with a pretty bad drug war. It's a sad thing. That whole city is in some kind of silent fear. Look it up. My friend Cj Tari, he does an internet radio show and some events also. He's been getting a really positive response. I have to say in a way i am a silent supporter of the things that go on here. I don't go out too much or dj that often. I really dedicate my time to my projects. I think thats the best way to support the "scene", by making yourself a better person in whatever it is you do. So yeah things are good.

Youve sent me like 50 loops, when are you going to send me some full tracks?

C'mon Daniel your exaggerating. I'm sure i've sent you a couple of finished tracks. It's coming though. Working with music more so, I have noticed these creative plateaus that I get on. You learn something new, and your happy with that for awhile and it keeps you going for awhile. Later you feel like your going in circles, then you learn or are inspired by something else and your on an even higher creative plateau. Does that make sense? It does to me. Right now though Im feeling good, so be ready.

You are always busy with diff. projects at the same time, what are you up to at the moment, music or art?

Right now the big project that I am working on is of a print that includes some music. Basically the idea or the problem that I am trying to explore is that I have always tried to create a boundary between what I do as an artist visually and the music I make. So now I want to know what happens when I smash them together. I took some photos while walking around on a rainy day, at the same time I was recording audio. So basically Im going to make some music with the audio I captured, and when its done, depending on what samples I am using, I will use pictures of that moment in time and translate everything visually. It's complicated, but most everything you do in audio I can translate visually. For example lets talk about reverb. Reverb tends to put audio further back in the mix and it softens the sound. So visually that picture of that moment would be lighter and blurry. When its done, Ill send you some pictures and hopefully someone will get what the hell i am talking about.

top 5 picks : Food in Texas

1. Track One Chicken Wings - Double Dipped style <--- you can't fuck with these, I took Zip, Sammy Dee, and Markus Nikolai to get some before a show and a few months later they put out DoubleDip on Superlongevity 2

2. my grandmother makes these things called entomatadas, those things will destroy anything you put up against them.

3. Lucky Star - it's some chinese food joint, and the food is good, but the atmosphere is awesome.

4. Chicos Tacos - i gotta say this food is disgusting, yet somehow enjoyable. you have to eat it at least once Its 3 soggy rolled tacos in a tomato sauce topped off with fake industrial yellow looking cheese substitute. It's an El Paso thing.

5. Frisco Burger - greasy as fuck, but delicious.

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Raymundo Mendoza February 10 chart:

ok a chart..

dj Sprinkles - Masturjakor

San Soda - Got Me Jumpin In My Car

Mark E - Smokescreen

Lowtec - Meandyou.dub

Microbial - Soft Verge

K Chico - Traditional Boogie Theme

Arf Patzo - Erobique

Betrieb - Auf Eis

Koljah - My Room

NWAQ - Kirana's Lament

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lørdag den 12. december 2009

Lomidhigh Mixtape 005 Klaus B

For this next Lomidhigh Mixtape a great friend of mine had a good look thru his record-collection and came up with this perfectly balanced mix that waves thru a vast numbers of musical styles. Klaus is well known in Copenhagen for his love, knowledge and interest in classic techno records and for digging out gold at any 2nd hand record shop. Co-owner of the danish techno board www.hifly.dk. Last but not least he is also the creative mind behind the Lomidhigh infosheets.

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So klaus tell me about this mix, what have you got for us?

It's really a mixed bag of fat, chunky pieces spanning over the last 35 years of music. I wanted to show a few inspirations, some recent cutting edge releases and blend it all together. There's pretty much everything from classic House and Techno, Body music inspired grooves over Krautrock to Electro and Dubstep. I come from a period in time where we cared for the music itself rather than styles. I like to be versatile and do it all in the mix.

Which track in the mix is your favorite?

Hard to pick a specific track but if I have to break it down, it has to be the closing track by Dutch group The Connection Machine from their incredible 1994 release on Planet E.

Where did you record the mix?

In a smalll but nifty studio some of my friends set up this year.

You have a quite large record collection, do you remember the first record you ever bought? How many records do you reckon you have?

Haha - the first one I bought myself was the debut album from Danish Hip-Hop act MC Einar back in 1987. I still have the record but surely it hasn't aged too well if you catch my drift. At home 6000 but since I'm pretty much running out of space I have another good 5000 stored in my parents attic.

Please tell us about some of your best record buys..

All of them! There's too many to mention cause it all comes down to the experience of the given purchase. Though I must say that I've been well chuffed finding two super cheap copies of the very obscure Le Mystere - On The Beat released back in 1990 on the legendary Buzz label.

Your favourite record?

One record won't do - too many great records around.

As i got to know you, I quickly learned that you were into alot of diff. genres within house and techno - when the first dubstep releases came out you were really excited, in your words what made dubstep such an important and innovated new genre?

Dubstep came to me as a second musical revelation of sorts when most other genres did cease to develope and sound refinement became far more important to a lot of people. With dubstep you had a new movement consisting of people with a widespread range of inspirations which made it open for experimentation and innovation. As it's the first musical style to spread through the internet, reaching out to the entire world, it truly represents the epitome of promoting music in a new way.

You have released some projects working with diff producers - please tell me how you first got in contact with Aaron Carl?

I was introduced to Aaron through a mutal israelic friend at the time and when he performed in Copenhagen, Steen from Miro and I dragged him into the studio for a recording session. The result came out quite well and the song was later featured on Aaron's "Detrevolution" album.

top 5 picks..

1. Avoiding the climate hysteria at all costs especially right now with the Cop15 taking place in Dopenhagen.
2. Making sexy mixes for you.
3. Watching "Deadliest Catch" on Discovery - crazy fishermen on the go in the Bering Sea!
4. Seeking out the best spots for food and coffee in town - why settle for less?
5. Doing my runs around town by feet - a great way to clear your mind, get inspiration and keep fit at the same time..

Klaus B links:

Klaus B December 09 chart (in no particular order)

Clouds - Era Of Black Holes pt.2 - Zero Channel
The Outside Agency - Nostromo - NGN
Cinderfella Ltd - Untitled - Lomidhigh Organic
Somatic Responses - What I can See - Smackdown
Jared Wilson - This Love - 7777
Soundpool - Dichotomies & Dreamland - Aloft Records
Peverelist - Jarvik Mindstate - Punch Drunk
Harry Craze - Thirty Six Hours - Deep Medi
Stickhead - Horror In The Woods - Strike
Millie & Andrea - Ever Since You Came Down - Daphne

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 004 Ernesto Ferreyra

After admiring Chic Miniature for some time I was very happy to meet Ernesto at Club Der Visionaere where he was playing together with Barbara Preisinger and Mike Shannon, in summer 2007. Since then we´ve kept in contact. Here is the mix he came up with for the 4th Lomidhigh Mixtape, it got me dancing in the bus thru town a few days ago.

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 004

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Where did you record the mix?

I did it in my studio in Berlin a few weeks ago on a usual rainy afternoon.

Which track in the mix is your favorite?

Well, I like them all for one reason or another

For example the first track in my opinion has this super cheese lyrics but the mood is amazing, but if i had to choose one it would be Chez Damier & Stacy Pullen "Forever Mix". Such a great classic!

Chic Miniature is a duo between you and Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, how did you guys meet?

With Guillaume, we met in Montreal in 2003. At the time i was living in Mexico and travelled to Canada to visit a friend and also to witness MUTEK for the first time. Later that year he came to Mexico and we talked about the idea of making music together. It's in 2004, when I moved to Montreal, that we started working together.

You moved around a bit - Montreal and now Berlin, what made you move to Germany?

A few things happened that made us take the decision, with my girlfriend, to move here. We were loosing the flat we were living in, which was seriously big and cheap so quite hard to replace, and at the same time Guillaume and many other musician friends were moving to Berlin on a quest for a better economic situation so we thought "why not?" It's definitely easier to earn your life in Europe being a producer and DJ than in Canada or Argentina. We finally moved to Berlin in 2008.

Where in Argentina are you originally from?

I was Born in Córdoba, the second largest city in the country.

BTW: if Franco Cinelli & Jorge Savoreti tells you that Rosarío is the second biggest, don't believe them! ;-) he he...

In July you released your first ep on Lomidhigh Organic titled "Midnight Sun" what is the story behind the title name of this ep?

While working on those tracks I was also studying Canadian history to get my citizenship and in my readings I found out that in the Province of Quebec, up north, during the very short summer, there is a place that they call "The land of the midnight sun. This because the sun shines almost 24 hours a day. And since i was freezing my ass in cold Berlin, I thought that I could steal some of that heath and use it in my ep.

You are currently working on your album, how is that going for you?

I've been working on this project on and off for the past two years now. Trying to put all the pieces together is not an easy thing but it is a very rewarding experience, it's like a puzzle, like trying to tell a story.

I'm very much enjoying the process.

You will play at the next Lomidhigh night at Culture Box the 20th Nov this month, were you ever in Copenhagen before?

No, never, but I'm really looking forward to it .

What is your favorite club?

In summer time Club Der Visionaere here in Berlin is unbeatable.

Weirdest night as a dj?

Funny you ask.. it just happened last weekend when I played @ The boulevard in Barcelona, the most horrible club on earth where i literally almost fought with the resident DJ and the light man.. It seems that they were in some kind of war with the promoter of the night, who by the way is a super cool dude, and decided to give me a hard time for being booked by him...

The party was going good, everybody having a good time until the light man turned off the bass amplifiers because Mr Dj Kenzo wanted to play before he was supposed to... so he started to push me saying stupid shit and the light man also got violent... I'm not a violent dude, and I'm certainly not used to this kind of behavior, but i was ready to kick his ass if it hadn't been for the promoter who grabbed me and took me out of the club. What a nightmare!!!

At least i got paid ;-) , Thanks Alex you Rock!

the top 5 picks..

TOP 5 Morning tracks (the ones i always bring with me but not so often play)

Mattew Jonson - She is He- It is what it is

Ricardo Villalobos- Bass Queen- Lo-Fi Stereo

Lawrence- Place to be- Liebe Detail

The Mole- Family- Internasjonal

Risquée III- Essence of a dream-Stride Records

Ernesto Ferreyra links:




Ernesto Ferreyra November 09 chart:

1. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, The Pussy Sheperd, Musique Risquée

2. C Lime Women- Vincent Lemieux edit- CDR

3. Keisuke Kondo - Mahina (Anthony Collins Remix)- Thema

4. Wereika- Smiles- Liebe Detail

5. Unknown - Sweet sugar brown - RAL

6. Alex Picone- In Amour - Bass Culture

7. Kruse & Nuerberg / Grap someone you like / jetaime

8. Let the spirit - Joshua - PND

9. Horacio, Horacio is back again, cynosure

10. Ben Watt- Chocolate Biscuit (Ernesto Ferreyra Rmx) Buzzin' Fly

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torsdag den 1. oktober 2009

Lomidhigh Mixtape 003 Daria

It´s October month and for this third mixtape I´ve asked a good friend of mine to leave her fingerprints on the spinning records. This mix by Daria is warm, colourful, melodic and organic (like her personality).

I advice you to take the mix with you for a walk in the forest and enjoy all the colours the autumn has to offer.

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 003

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Where did you record the mix?

At home in Geneva, in my home-studio 4,5 m2 without windows, between my 10 years of buying vinyls, materiel of couture, tissues, cables, monitors, turntables, controller midi keyboard, and some souvenirs from parties. I did the set only with vinyls, as you can hear by the clips and also some human touching...

Which track in the mix is your favourite?

I love the first track «Efdemin - Acid Bells, Martyn’s bittersweet mix». Also I have a very big heart bang for «Horse» on your limited label. It’s the Alejandro Mosso one. The story of this track is very special for me.

What was your childhood dream to do as a grown up?

When I was young around 5 years old my teacher said to us, lets start some drawing today about the labour you want to do as a grown up. I asked her what «labour» meant madame? She answered me, listen, you can become anything you want when you will be an adult. So I started directly to draw a small yellow bird because I thought that I could fly free in the sky...

Finally when I was done, I saw the rest of the drawings by the class and I was totally disappointed, very sad and I was feeling really stupid. It was the first time of my life I had this feeling which has followed me to this day, I am a strange animal in this world.

You are a very creative person (dj, producer, graphic designer) and you have your own streetwear brand "Dame Pipi" which creative artform do you prefer getting lost in, when you are feeling creative?

Making a track, or making some couture. This both activities makes me really lost in.

Producing tracks makes me forget the time, it’s the most crazy for this, maybe its because we work with/on the time, I don’t know. Its a bit dangerous when you do it too much, you go on a strange parallel world!

Couture is especially what I do when I am freaking up, its the only way to relax, really. Sometimes, when I am over stressed and crazy, I do compulsive couture sessions! My roommate Dimitri know this kind of crisis, when he hear the machine starting in the middle of the night. I can think that my linen on my bed are nice for a dress and I start to cut and sew with, or use the fabric of my curtain for making a bag!

I also like to make some photographies for being totally independent when I am doing a graphic design projects, what is my real first profession too.

But seriously, in my case, I just like to express something, the way I do is not so much important. I like the fact to be free for realize my ideas, its why I learn all this different ways. I am not the best of one of all this mediums but all of the results are sincere.

Have you always been very creative?


But sometimes, it’s very good to be lazy too, making nothing for 2 or 3 months. The most difficult thing is to accept it, simply. Our society is pushing us to be active and profitable, the pressure is very strong! But humans are not a soldier of work and even less for artistic projects.

You released your first ep, "Les Gourmandises ep" in February month, are you keeping yourself busy in the studio?

Oh yes!!! The following is coming soon, the good things always arrive on time.

What got you into dj´ing?

You will laugh! In 1999/2000 I started to buy some vinyls in the mental groove shop in Geneva because at this time the tracks on maxi format that I liked were not available on the cd albums and the mp3 stores did not exist at this time.

One day I was coming back after a party at Weetamix and in the cab, I found a wallet full of money, without names, credit card or id, nothing! I decided to hide it, because, without names, this money was lost. Actually it was a dealers wallet I guess.

When I arrived at home, I check the money, and it was exactly the cost of two turntables mk2. I was really poor at his times, but tired of listening to the full tracks on my shity turntable at home, I decided without hesitations to buy the material for spinning. My mother offered me my first headphone too.

Later, the Weetamix owner took me as a resident beside Luciano and Sonja Moonear.

What is your favourite club?

A place without entrance, in the nature, a garden, or in board of the lake, during the day, where the kids and families can come too, where you play a deep set.

Also, one of my best experiences was in Patagonia with Alejandro on the middle of nowhere, on the field, the guys where so excited and us too. They had connected the connectors electrical with stripped cables, naked sons! It was crazy!

I love Weetamix too, its my home, its one of the only clubs where the owner maked his club without sponsors. He build his club from nothing, just an empty local, he bought the sound system step by step, party after party during 16, 17 years! Amazing! A real independent way!

For a tourist like myself, which 3 places do I have to see/visit when I go to Geneva?

1) I will bring you to the lake! We will take a boat at «la Terrasse», it’s my friends open-air-bar and boat-renting on board of the lake. The best would be in august, we take a boat and we will jump into the warm water and swim in the middle of the city!

2) We will go to the market on the sunday to, market of the farmers around, they have small production of vegetables and fruits what’s following the season, and its really fresh and tasty. Afterwards we cook at home with a good wine from Geneva, mix of Garanoir, Gamaret and Pinot noir and we will speak during few hours about life.

3) We can go to the mountain in 20 minutes if you come in winter time and when we come back we stop to eat the fondue moitié-moitié at «le Vieux Carouge».

So Daniel, when are you coming to visit us?

Is chocolate really that much richer in the taste in Switzerland?

Mmm, let me bring you some «Aveline» from Martel, a chocolat maker in Carouge, a hood in Geneva, and you will answer this question instead of me.

Katou did a top 5 love song playlist, Dario did an all-time top 5 (4) album chart....can you do a top 5 hmmm .. maybe a top 5 classical? or...

Ok, I propose to you my top 5 flying songs (for the flight when I am travelling):

William’s Alabama - Shannon Wright

Hints - José González

Fever Dream - Iron & Wine

Paranoid Android - Radiohead

We Float - Pj Harvey

Daria´s links:





Daria´s October 09 chart:

1. Alejandro Mosso - Horse - Lomidhigh Lmtd

2. Efdemin - Acid Bells, Martyn's bittersweet mix - Curle Mitesse

3. Luciano - Celestial - Cadenza

4. Jichael Mackson - The grass is always greener - Musique Risquée

5. M.in & YNK & Bastian Schuster - New Orleans, dj W!ld Remix - Off

6. M.in & Patrick Kunkel Feat. Harold Todd - Frauen & Blumen, dj Sneak remix - International Freakshow

7. Brotherhood - Memorial Smith Daniel Stefaniks Buki Good remix - Kann Records

8. Alejandro Mosso - GVA - Lomidhigh Organic

9. Dop - I am just a Man Tolga Fidan Rmx - Eklo

10. Oni Ayhun - Oar001 - Oni Ayhun Records

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 002 Dario Zenker

On this next Lomidhigh Mixtape, I´ve asked Harry Klein resident dj and label head from Munich based record label Ilian Tape, Dario Zenker to record the next mix in the serie - Lomidhigh Mixtape 002.

He was deep inside his heart to dig out these deep records.

Download Mix:

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 002

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How and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded in late august in Munich between swimming and taking lots of sun everyday..

Your favourite track in the mix?

There are many of my favourite tracks in this mix..hard to figure.

How´s the weather in Munich?

Just amazing. The last weeks were super warm and sunny almost everyday. Like summer should be.

When you first started your label up it was called Hometown, what made you change the name to Illian Tape - and where did you get the name llian Tape from?

Hometown Music was the former dub label from my dad, we renewed the label with a more techno approach to the sound, but at the end we couldn't work together for many reasons. My brother Marco and I then started the Ilian Tape label. The name came from listening to this crazy jamaican guy speaking in a track i heard one day in Geneva, while driving in a car. He spoke about ilians and his voice impressed me ...and ofcourse I grew up with mixtapes, so the name just came up.

Please tell me a bit about Münich, there´s the football team Bayern Münich, there´s the Munich movie, which Steven Spielberg directed and I´ve heard that there´s this saying in Münich "München mag Dich" (Münich loves you) ..but what I would like to know is ..does people in Münich love techno?

Yes, people in Munich loves techno and have loved techno for many years now. We´ve had a quite big scene for about 10-15 years now, with many young people getting into the music, the scene is steadily growing and evolving. In Munich we have some really cool clubs like Harry Klein, Rote Sonne, Registratur and also some great smaller bars. Overall Munich is a great city to go out and have fun in.

Enough about your hometown. In April month you released an ep on Vakant, your first release in 2009. In 2008 you released an ep on Vakant and a very special ep on Lomidhigh Lmtd. Are you careful about not releasing too many records?

Yeah kind of, maybe it´s because i´m working very long on every record and also I don´t really want to release too many things either. I prefer to keep it low.

As you already know I´m very fond of the Batman track you produced, which is up online on youtube, What´s the story behind the Batman video? You like to dress up like Robin?

Actually it was just a track I started, when I came back home from Buenos Aires in February this year. When I played in Augsburg at my friends "timeless beats" party, the visual guy somehow knew I really love the old Batman serie. He took my head and put on Robins body and made the visuals like that this night. While I played at the club Robin with my head on was running through the club on the walls. I found it very funny and asked the guy to cut a video for me. I sent him this track I did as I thought it might fit good with the video.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Well from many different things. From my family, my friends, Munich, going to dance, from cooking good food, from traveling and meeting people around the world. In fact almost everything inspires me in one way or another, good or bad and thats what you hear in my music.

What are you working on right now?

I´m working on a track for Harry Klein Records that will come out in November, hopefully as the first Harry Klein vinyl release. It will be a split ep with my brother Marco. Beside that I´m working on an ep for Ilian Tape and some remixes and some other stuff that will show up in the future.

K.atou did an all time favourite top 5 list of love songs.

Lets try something else.... Which 5 albums do you reckon are the best ever released ?

I just have my top 4 ..is that ok ? haha

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Wu Tang Clan - Enter The Wu Tang

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

Rhythm&Sound - With The Artists

Dario Zenker links:



Dario Zenkers September 09 chart:

1. Resilent - CR 12 - Chain Reaction

2. Bernard Badie - Move To The Beat ep - Mojuba

3. Wax - Nr 20002 - Wax

4. Fronsua - Fre - Illian Tape

5. Marcel Fengler - Twisted Bleach - Ostgut Ton

6. Precious System - The Voice From Planet Love (Dixon edit) - Running Back

7. Dvs1 - Klockworks 05 - Klockworks

8. Cinderfella Ltd - Ephemeris ep - Arpiar

9. Roman Lindau - Simplicity - Fachwerk

10. Jonas Kopp - Tirados - Curle

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søndag den 2. august 2009

Lomidhigh Mixtape 001 K.atou

I Had no doubt picking the artist which would take Lomidhigh Mixtapes virginity. K.atou had to be the girl. Despite the fact that she still hasn´t finished her ep for Lomidhigh Lmtd, I believe it will happen one day in the near future, hopefully 2010 will be the year. Back home in Athens after 2 years in Berlin the sailor has returned to her Mediterranean Sea, sipping drinks by the pool and skinny diving under the waterfalls. Wonder what she is up to besides enjoying life.  

Download Mix:

Direct link: 

Lomidhigh Mixtape 001

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Where was the mix recorded?

In a very special chamber that doesnt allow BPM to be more than 120. 

Your favourite track in the mix?

Move D - Theo

You´ve recently moved back home to Athens after 2 years in Berlin - too many parties?

too many parties.. too little time.?! no im only child i wanted and had to be close to my family, after living away since i was 18 ... plus that im from the Mediterennean and my DNA demands sun and above 30 degrees temp at summer time .. 

What have you been up to lately, are you working on any interesting projects besides enjoying life and finishing your ep for Lomidhigh Lmtd?

Sailing, swimming, travelling, eating .. working on several different projects, like recording vocals for several producers, making music, and enjoying a dry from gigs summer .. good conditions to be more productive and not have you waiting for another 2yrs for the EP.

I´m not even gonna ask you which club is your favourite club, everyone who knows you the slightest bit knows that Club der Visionaere is the place you are at - what makes this place so special to you?

the location, the energy, the people that participate from all posts to this place, the willow tree, the opportunity to listen the most amazing music in a wonderful environment. the center of the world as we say.

How is the techno/house scene in Athens compared to Berlin?

I wont compare... not yet.. but if things go as planned, Athens will be able to get its lil piece of the techno pie soon. Athens is riding this wave that goes down and then of course it will go up.. smth that i never felt happening in Berlin though.

I´m only aware of Lemos, Kreon and yourself from Greece, please name me some more artist that I should get into?

Argy, GummiHz,And. Id, Mr. Statik, Novox, Ison & Solar, Ekkohaus, Tolis Q, Leon Sega.. i guess u got homework for the next days.. just with those names.

oh dear are they all from Greece.. At least I knew a good few of them from their productions.. Obviously not from their nationality.

On the 5th Sept. there´s the Athens Dance Festival - enTechno - ένTechno, the line up for the event looks massive, what is your expectations for this 24 hour party? Will this be a returning event in Athens?

enTechno - ένTechno is a great collective work to show around Greece and the world how many artists and what a talent this country has, combined with the presentation of films that are dealing with the electronic music, a passion that has made many of us leave our country and now we have the chance to be all together again and dance for 24hrs. 

You´ve been playing quite a few places around the world, which city did you enjoy the best? 

Tough one.. well.. USA in general is my fav place to play actually. the people really have fun, knowledge and they love dancing.. the community in USA is strong and with loads of fun. Detroit is the city i enjoy the most playing every time the past 4years i go there. 

What do you pick up in the airport when you go traveling?

A coffee mug for my mum from each and every city i have travelled to .. now she has a huge vitrine with all of them ..cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey (no surprise on that one i guess).

If you had to narrow your many favourite Love songs, down to a top 5 (is that possible), which songs would be on it?

1. Paul Weller - You do smth to me 

2. Bruce Springsteen - Im on fire ( the live version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKPZq41Xd0Q )

3. Air - Playground Love

4. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

5. Bryan Ferry - Windswept

K.atou links:



K.atou Facebook Group

August 09 chart:

1. Patrick Specke - Going Concern Principle - Desolat

2. Margaret Dygas - Invisible Circles - Perlon

3. VA - Organic City - Lomidhigh Organic

4. Minimono - Let Me Wonder - Bosconi

5. VA Back In The Box - dj Sneak 

6. dj Dove - Roots& Cuture - Below 21

7. Alex Picone - Bosconi rec

8. Derrick Carter - To Do - Om Rec

9. Bruno Pronsato - Thesongsays

10. Alejandro Mosso - Somebody - Lomidhigh Organic

Lomidhigh links: