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Lomidhigh Mixtape 002 Dario Zenker

On this next Lomidhigh Mixtape, I´ve asked Harry Klein resident dj and label head from Munich based record label Ilian Tape, Dario Zenker to record the next mix in the serie - Lomidhigh Mixtape 002.

He was deep inside his heart to dig out these deep records.

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 002

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How and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded in late august in Munich between swimming and taking lots of sun everyday..

Your favourite track in the mix?

There are many of my favourite tracks in this mix..hard to figure.

How´s the weather in Munich?

Just amazing. The last weeks were super warm and sunny almost everyday. Like summer should be.

When you first started your label up it was called Hometown, what made you change the name to Illian Tape - and where did you get the name llian Tape from?

Hometown Music was the former dub label from my dad, we renewed the label with a more techno approach to the sound, but at the end we couldn't work together for many reasons. My brother Marco and I then started the Ilian Tape label. The name came from listening to this crazy jamaican guy speaking in a track i heard one day in Geneva, while driving in a car. He spoke about ilians and his voice impressed me ...and ofcourse I grew up with mixtapes, so the name just came up.

Please tell me a bit about Münich, there´s the football team Bayern Münich, there´s the Munich movie, which Steven Spielberg directed and I´ve heard that there´s this saying in Münich "München mag Dich" (Münich loves you) ..but what I would like to know is ..does people in Münich love techno?

Yes, people in Munich loves techno and have loved techno for many years now. We´ve had a quite big scene for about 10-15 years now, with many young people getting into the music, the scene is steadily growing and evolving. In Munich we have some really cool clubs like Harry Klein, Rote Sonne, Registratur and also some great smaller bars. Overall Munich is a great city to go out and have fun in.

Enough about your hometown. In April month you released an ep on Vakant, your first release in 2009. In 2008 you released an ep on Vakant and a very special ep on Lomidhigh Lmtd. Are you careful about not releasing too many records?

Yeah kind of, maybe it´s because i´m working very long on every record and also I don´t really want to release too many things either. I prefer to keep it low.

As you already know I´m very fond of the Batman track you produced, which is up online on youtube, What´s the story behind the Batman video? You like to dress up like Robin?

Actually it was just a track I started, when I came back home from Buenos Aires in February this year. When I played in Augsburg at my friends "timeless beats" party, the visual guy somehow knew I really love the old Batman serie. He took my head and put on Robins body and made the visuals like that this night. While I played at the club Robin with my head on was running through the club on the walls. I found it very funny and asked the guy to cut a video for me. I sent him this track I did as I thought it might fit good with the video.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Well from many different things. From my family, my friends, Munich, going to dance, from cooking good food, from traveling and meeting people around the world. In fact almost everything inspires me in one way or another, good or bad and thats what you hear in my music.

What are you working on right now?

I´m working on a track for Harry Klein Records that will come out in November, hopefully as the first Harry Klein vinyl release. It will be a split ep with my brother Marco. Beside that I´m working on an ep for Ilian Tape and some remixes and some other stuff that will show up in the future.

K.atou did an all time favourite top 5 list of love songs.

Lets try something else.... Which 5 albums do you reckon are the best ever released ?

I just have my top 4 ..is that ok ? haha

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Wu Tang Clan - Enter The Wu Tang

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

Rhythm&Sound - With The Artists

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Dario Zenkers September 09 chart:

1. Resilent - CR 12 - Chain Reaction

2. Bernard Badie - Move To The Beat ep - Mojuba

3. Wax - Nr 20002 - Wax

4. Fronsua - Fre - Illian Tape

5. Marcel Fengler - Twisted Bleach - Ostgut Ton

6. Precious System - The Voice From Planet Love (Dixon edit) - Running Back

7. Dvs1 - Klockworks 05 - Klockworks

8. Cinderfella Ltd - Ephemeris ep - Arpiar

9. Roman Lindau - Simplicity - Fachwerk

10. Jonas Kopp - Tirados - Curle

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 001 K.atou

I Had no doubt picking the artist which would take Lomidhigh Mixtapes virginity. K.atou had to be the girl. Despite the fact that she still hasn´t finished her ep for Lomidhigh Lmtd, I believe it will happen one day in the near future, hopefully 2010 will be the year. Back home in Athens after 2 years in Berlin the sailor has returned to her Mediterranean Sea, sipping drinks by the pool and skinny diving under the waterfalls. Wonder what she is up to besides enjoying life.  

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Lomidhigh Mixtape 001

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Where was the mix recorded?

In a very special chamber that doesnt allow BPM to be more than 120. 

Your favourite track in the mix?

Move D - Theo

You´ve recently moved back home to Athens after 2 years in Berlin - too many parties?

too many parties.. too little time.?! no im only child i wanted and had to be close to my family, after living away since i was 18 ... plus that im from the Mediterennean and my DNA demands sun and above 30 degrees temp at summer time .. 

What have you been up to lately, are you working on any interesting projects besides enjoying life and finishing your ep for Lomidhigh Lmtd?

Sailing, swimming, travelling, eating .. working on several different projects, like recording vocals for several producers, making music, and enjoying a dry from gigs summer .. good conditions to be more productive and not have you waiting for another 2yrs for the EP.

I´m not even gonna ask you which club is your favourite club, everyone who knows you the slightest bit knows that Club der Visionaere is the place you are at - what makes this place so special to you?

the location, the energy, the people that participate from all posts to this place, the willow tree, the opportunity to listen the most amazing music in a wonderful environment. the center of the world as we say.

How is the techno/house scene in Athens compared to Berlin?

I wont compare... not yet.. but if things go as planned, Athens will be able to get its lil piece of the techno pie soon. Athens is riding this wave that goes down and then of course it will go up.. smth that i never felt happening in Berlin though.

I´m only aware of Lemos, Kreon and yourself from Greece, please name me some more artist that I should get into?

Argy, GummiHz,And. Id, Mr. Statik, Novox, Ison & Solar, Ekkohaus, Tolis Q, Leon Sega.. i guess u got homework for the next days.. just with those names.

oh dear are they all from Greece.. At least I knew a good few of them from their productions.. Obviously not from their nationality.

On the 5th Sept. there´s the Athens Dance Festival - enTechno - ένTechno, the line up for the event looks massive, what is your expectations for this 24 hour party? Will this be a returning event in Athens?

enTechno - ένTechno is a great collective work to show around Greece and the world how many artists and what a talent this country has, combined with the presentation of films that are dealing with the electronic music, a passion that has made many of us leave our country and now we have the chance to be all together again and dance for 24hrs. 

You´ve been playing quite a few places around the world, which city did you enjoy the best? 

Tough one.. well.. USA in general is my fav place to play actually. the people really have fun, knowledge and they love dancing.. the community in USA is strong and with loads of fun. Detroit is the city i enjoy the most playing every time the past 4years i go there. 

What do you pick up in the airport when you go traveling?

A coffee mug for my mum from each and every city i have travelled to .. now she has a huge vitrine with all of them ..cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey (no surprise on that one i guess).

If you had to narrow your many favourite Love songs, down to a top 5 (is that possible), which songs would be on it?

1. Paul Weller - You do smth to me 

2. Bruce Springsteen - Im on fire ( the live version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKPZq41Xd0Q )

3. Air - Playground Love

4. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

5. Bryan Ferry - Windswept

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August 09 chart:

1. Patrick Specke - Going Concern Principle - Desolat

2. Margaret Dygas - Invisible Circles - Perlon

3. VA - Organic City - Lomidhigh Organic

4. Minimono - Let Me Wonder - Bosconi

5. VA Back In The Box - dj Sneak 

6. dj Dove - Roots& Cuture - Below 21

7. Alex Picone - Bosconi rec

8. Derrick Carter - To Do - Om Rec

9. Bruno Pronsato - Thesongsays

10. Alejandro Mosso - Somebody - Lomidhigh Organic

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